AUDITGLOBAL focuses its operations on the provision of assurance & consultancy services

Our focus

Our work is based on high technical specialization put into practice by professionals who are completely committed to their clients, and with solid ethical principles which foster a collaborative atmosphere.

To reach our objectives, we make a particular effort to adopt up-to-date working methodologies which will help to simplify the more procedural aspects and thus enable us to focus on the real object of the work which we have been asked to do.


The starting point for our work is always a thorough understanding of our client’s activity, and also of the circumstances in which the client carries out that work. With this base, we apply our knowledge and our methodology, taking great care with the process of the generation of conclusions, by means of proper supervision.


In these jobs, our objective is to generate confidence in the information issued by the company which is under scrutiny. Our task is to show any inconsistencies, risks or other circumstances, in order to compensate for asymmetries or deficits in information.

The aim of these types of services is to offer security with regard to the information that companies offer to the general public or to private agents. In this section we include services such as:


  • Annual accounts auditing
  • Partial audits, limited reviews and application of agreed procedures
  • Reviews of subsidised projects
  • Appraiser reports
  • Reviews of compliance with contract clauses
  • Due diligence


In these jobs, clients are looking to improve or develop certain aspects of their business and they entrust our Company to collaborate with them, providing know-how and experience.

Assessment in corporative operations

The creativity of companies and the execution of their strategies can be seen in corporative transactions of acquisition or sale of companies, the constitution of new units, the fusion or split-up of companies, and shareholders restructuring. In these spheres we can also provide assistance in aspects such as:


  • Assistance in negotiations
  • Valuation of companies
  • Preparation or evaluation of business plans and of feasibility studies
  • Creation of companies
  • Setting up of subsidiaries in Spain or abroad
  • Search for partners or investors

Organizational consultancy

A successful performance depends to a large extent on the quality of organization. In this context, we offer our experience in the design and implementation of:


  • General organizational models or models for concrete areas
  • Internal control systems
  • Balanced Score Card
  • Costs and budget control systems
  • Support for internal audit and controlling