"Best professional team
at your service"

Who we are

AUDITGLOBAL is a medium sized firm within our sector, which is that of service provision. We are a team of professionals with a commitment to our profession, aware of what society and other companies expect of us. We are ready to assume responsibility on a daily basis for this kind of service and to fulfil our mission.

We are convinced that the success of AUDITGLOBAL is the inevitable result of following our strategy, of our correct evaluation of the opportunities, and of our confidence in the ongoing appraisal of our human resources.


Our mission is to provide quality professional services, by means of the personalized application of our intellectual resources, in order to fulfil ourselves professionally and personally, and to contribute, in this way, to the creation of value for our clients.

Our Point of View

We shall have achieved success when everyone who has put their trust in AUDITGLOBAL (clients, collaborators and partners, and not forgetting professional corporations) sees the expectations they had of our Company fulfilled. This is not necessarily a matter of attaining a certain level of profit, a specific size, or recognition from impact on our community, but reaching a competitive level in all these spheres is without a doubt one of our goals.


Commitment to quality

We are aware of the singular nature of our work. The results of our work affect our clients and their environment and this is why we make every effort to do our work properly. Therefore, we devote resources to ensuring the high quality of our services. Not only do we apply our technical know-how exhaustively, but we also reflect on the proper application of this know-how in each situation and context. Furthermore, we know our own limitations and so we only undertake services which we feel completely competent to take on.

Long term relationships

Our aim is for continuity in relationships with our clients and this is why we look to establish stable professional links, based on close personal dealings and on meeting the expectations placed with on us.

Fluid and sincere communication

Our work is based on the transmission of information within our team and with the client. We make a great effort to maintain fluid communication at each level of exchange, and when difficulties arise, We explain our position with clarity and sincerity.

Fair payment

We wish to be paid for the usefulness and the value we supply, no more and no less. Our fees are set after very careful consideration and our aim in setting them thus is the sustainability of our business model.

Discretion and confidentiality

We often deal with sensitive information in our work. We use that information solely and exclusively to attain the objectives of the projects we have been assigned. We do not allow, therefore, its use for spurious ends, and we apply procedures directed specifically at maintaining confidentiality.

We believe in our people

In AUDITGLOBAL, the human factor is of fundamental importance and so we take particular care with the choice of our collaborators, and also with the development of their professional careers. In our environment, we encourage working teams which are highly demanding technically and with the very best personal qualities.

Enric Vilá

Managing Partner

  • Economist, Auditor and Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
  • Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)
  • Forensic Expert
  • Member of: Registro Oficial Auditores Cuentas, Information Systems Audit and Control Association (“ISACA”) , Registro Economistas Forenses.

Xavier Ros

Team Leader

  • Economist, Auditor and Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
  • Member of: Registro Oficial Auditores Cuentas.

Josep M. Palomar

Team Leader

  • Economist and Auditor
  • Member of: Colegio de Economistas.


Companies carry out their work in ever wider geographic areas, and expect their collaborators to help them manage the risks of this expansion.

AUDITGLOBAL covers these needs through INAA GROUP and ISACA.

Furthermore, our human capital and our know-how include the accumulation of professional skills and experiences acquired in international contexts, be they as the result of carrying out services in other countries or of forming part of multinational work teams at the service of joint projects.