"Our clients: our most
value asset”


Our clients belong to very differing sectors and are different in size and corporative cultures. They all value our people-friendly style and our collaborative style.
Some of the sectors we know well:

  • Food industry

  • Automobile

  • Viticulture (“cava” and wine)

  • Construction

  • Fuel distribution

  • Publisher

  • Packaging

  • Mass distribution

  • Printing

  • Real state

  • Cultural institutions

  • Fashion

  • Chemistry

  • IT

  • Sea freight

  • Textile


For reasons of discretion, we prefer not to mention our clients specifically, but we can instead describe some of their defining features:

  • Industrial, commercial and services companies

  • Not-for-profit entities

  • Public entities

  • Company groups

  • Subsidiaries of multinational companies

  • SMEs

  • Family businesses

  • Mature companies

  • Startup

This accumulation of experience has allowed us to acquire an overall vision which allows us, in turn, entry to each concrete situation. This is the basis for the value of our contribution and it is what allows us to take on new projects, whatever the sector or activity in question may be.